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A numerical designation (f/2, f 2.8, f3 etc.) indicating the size of the aperture
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(Fisheye) denominare Fujifilm pentru obiectivele fisheye. .

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F (nikon)

Denumire neoficiala a obiectivelor Nikkor fabricate intre 1959 (anul lansarii monturii F) si 1977 (cand au fost lansate obiectivele AI si montura specifica). .

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F mount

The F Mount is the designation given to the Nikon single lens reflex interchangeable lens mounting system. Used on Nikon SLRs/D-SLRs and NIKKOR lenses from the introduction of the Nikon F in 1959 to current models, the bayonet-type F-Mount is the communication link between Nikon SLRs and NIKKOR lenses.Noted for its rugged construction and outstanding reliability, the F-Mount is distinctive also for its degree of compatibility with NIKKOR lenses and a design that can accommodate future system advances. Nikon has maintained the basic structure of the mount for the 50 years of its use, and currently some 400 different NIKKOR lenses are compatible with the system.One of the biggest advantages of the Nikon F-Mount is that you re able to choose from a large selection of lenses including: AF NIKKOR and AF-S (Silent Wave Motor) and PC-E perspective-control NIKKOR lenses.By adapting and extending the capability of the F-Mount and NIKKOR lenses, Nikon has incorporated technologies like autofocus, advanced metering, distance information technology, electronic aperture control in G-Type NIKKOR, VR (Vibration Reduction) image stabilization and Silvent Wave Motor (AF-S) technology, thus maintaining a significant degree of compatibility and demonstrating an ongoing commitment to photographers.

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