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EN: Electronic viewfinder (evf)

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– Unlike traditional DSLRs that use a mirror to reflect the image up to your eye, an electronic viewfinder is a tiny, high-definition LCD or OLED screen that provides a preview directly from the image sensor. It is found in some mirrorless and bridge cameras.
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Electronic flash

Artificial light source produced by an electrical discharge traveling between two electrodes through a gas-filled clear glass or plastic tube. The light from electronic flash is brief and approximately the same coloras daylight. Also erroneously but commonly called a strobe. Electronic flash units are reusable, unlike old-fashioned flash bulbs which burned out with one use.

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Electronic flash:

Known as a flash gun, strobe, or speedlight, it consists of a gas-filled tube that is fired by an electrical charge. It can be mounted directly on the camera hot shoe (which links the shutter firing to the flash firing), or on a bracket or stand and be connected to the camera via a sync cord.

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Electronic noise reduction

Better known simply as NOISE REDUCTION. In some cameras, noise reduction can be activated or switches on automatically at slow shutter speeds. Note that noise reduction often requires more time for the photo to be written to the memory card, during which you will be unable to take a picture.

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Electronic noise or just noise

This is the grainy look you find in a digital image caused by image artifacts. It may also appear as flecks of color that should not be there. It is usually noticeable in shadow areas, and generally produced when shooting in low light. Noise is almost always unwanted and unattractive.

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Electronic flash vs. hot light

Quote: In fast action work such as fashion, strobes offer an undeniable combination of advantages. . . . The primary logic of constant source lighting is the combination of control and superior visualization . . . Lets face facts. Modeling lamps are dim, period. - Michael Chiusano [LN].

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Electronic flash, strobe (stil

An electronic source that produces a burst of light capable of freezing motion. Its Color Temperature approximates daylight. Strictly speaking, the term strobe refers to a light or effect consisting of repeated bursts, often used to capture multiple, overlapping images of a moving object.

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Electronic shuttering

In video cameras, modifies exposure using circuit-based techniques rather than lens iris to compensate for moderate indoor light changes.

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Electronic vr

See VR.

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Electronic viewfinder (evf)

An electronic viewfinder digitally replicates the field of view of the area captured by the camera lens. While once considered a poor replacement for optical viewfinders, newer EVFs containing a million-plus pixels and faster refresh times have become quite accurate, in many cases approaching the clarity levels of optical finders. An advantage of EVFs is their ability to display exposure data and grids on demand.

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Electronic whiteboard

Dry-erase surface which electronically captures notes, drawings, they can be teleconferenced or stored.

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Electronic flash

Portable or studio lighting that s created by an electronic discharge through a recycling gas-filled tube. .

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Electronic flash.

Light source based on electrical discharge across two electrodes in a gas-filledtube. Usually designed to provide light approximating to daylight. Itis often regarded as artificial light souce in the dark. Electronic flash requires a high voltage,usually obtained from batteries through a voltage-multiplying circuit. It dischargesa brief, intense burst of light, usuallyused where the lighting on the scene is inadequate for picture-taking. They are generally consideredto have the same photographic effect as daylight. Mostflash will correct the color temperature back to 5000 kelvin - the daylight color.You can play around with filters mounting on the flash head for some specific effectsoralter the colorif necessary. Modernflash has multiple TTL flash exposure control functions and even extend to autofocuscontrol. Some specialized flash are high speed repeating flash which can use forstrobocopic effect, UV-flash for ultra violet light photography etc.

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