Drop cap

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An oversized capital letter used at the start of a paragraph. Drop caps occupy two or more lines of body copy, usually introduced for design emphasis.
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Drop shadow

An effect in which an image appears to be slightly raised as if floating, caused by a shadow below it that is offset to one or two sides.

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Drop shutter

Unul dintre primele obturatoare mecanice ale camerelor fotografice, ce consta dintr-o placa de lemn, cu o gaura in centru, ce cadea gravitational, printr-un jgheab de lemn. Dimensiunea orificiului realiza diferiti timpi de expunere, in timp de gravitatia asigura un proces relativ reproductibil. .

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Drop cap

A design style in which the first capital letter of a paragraph is set in a larger point size and aligned with the top of the first line. This method is used to indicate the start of a new section of text, such as a chapter.

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