Dot (punct)

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Size of dot produced by one drop of ink on paper, depending on drop volume and paper characteristics.
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Dot (punct)

Pata de cerneala proiectata de imprimantele jet la un singur impuls. Imprimantele actuale trimit pe hartie mai multe mii de picaturi de cerneala pe fiecare inch (aprox 25 mm) atat pe orizontala cat si pe verticala (dot per inch = dpi). .

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Dot gain

Spread (enlargement) of ink dots during printing, creating darker image. Halftone dots printing larger on paper than they are on films or plates, reducing detail and lowering contrast. Also called dot growth, dot spread, press gain.

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Dot pitch (projector)

With CRT display, distance between dots. Higher resolution achieved when dots closer together.

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