Direct broadcasting via satell

EN: Direct positive


A photographic term referring to a positive image made directly by exposure to light and by development without the use of a negative. In a direct positive print an image is produced on a surface and then treated chemically to imitate the tonal range of nature.



Direct vision viewfinder

A camera s viewfinder that is not through the lens, as in a viewfinder camera. The photographer looks through it directly at the scene while the image is captured through a separate lens.

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Direct broadcasting via satell

Short for Direct Broadcast Satellite, uses small dish to receive digital broadcast signal in 12GHz to 18GHz frequencies from satellite. Subject to signal weakening when raining. Also called Direct To Home.

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Direct print

System bypassing PC. Camera-direct: output photos by connecting digital camera to printer via dedicated cable. Card-direct: uses camera memory card inserted in printer.

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Direct view television

Display device with imager viewed directly, opposite of projection surface.

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Direct vision

Cameras using an optical viewfinder.

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Direct carving

Method of stone sculpture where form is carved immediately out of the block, and not transferred from a model.

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