degradation, image quality los

Loss of image quality or Definition for any number of reasons including intentional ones. Quote: I don t like forced development and flashing. Because I do like a fairly rich negative with good blacks, I m not keen on the strong use of fog filters, although on occasion I use them. I don t like the effect they produce. [Also] you re going to have to make a dupe negative. So you re into a degradation with the dupe. Then any opticals . . . give you further degradation. Then . . . the projector is not so good; it hasn t got a very sharp lens or there s not enough light. At every stage along the line, the picture s going to deteriorate . . . so I m very reluctant to have a degraded negative in the first instance. I think you re cheating your audience. They ve got a right to see what s on the screen. - Billy Williams [ML].