Dark adaptation

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Noise measured on a sensor in the absence of light. A perfect sensor should have a uniform signal in the dark, meaning no noise. See Noise, thermal [electronic]
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Dark adaptation

Optical and chemical changes in the eye which, over a period of about 20 minutes, enable people to see in the dark. It makes Exposure judgments by eye doubly difficult when light levels change. Tip: at such times, color perception is minimal or non-existent.

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Dark ages

Period of the Middle Ages from c.5th century CE to 10th century, considered a phase in which philosophy and the arts were ignored or actively hindered.

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Dark backgrounds

One way to focus attention on the subject is to use a dark background, especially with backlit and Translucent subjects.

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Dark current (aka noise)

Pixels collect signal charges in the absence of light over time, which can vary from pixel to pixel. The result is known as dark current, or more commonly, noise.

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Dark current dark noise

The charge accumulated by pixels while not exposed to light. Normally, this charge is reduced or eliminated prior to capturing a picture.

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Dark frame

A noise reduction process where a camera takes a second exposure of a black frame after the camera takes a long exposure image. The image noise is easily identified in the black frame shot and is then electronically removed from the actual image. This helps to reduce the amount of hot pixels that normally show up in long exposure shots from digital cameras.

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Dark frame

Cadru inregistrat de camerele foto digitale cu obturatorul inchis, folosind acelasi timp de expunere, pentru a atenua zgomotul din imaginile cu timpi lungi / ISO ridicat. .

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Dark current

Stray electrical charge that appears in areas of the CCD elements that are not exposed to light. The result is irregular noise in image areas such as shadows. .

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