EN: Critique

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In a general sense, a critique is an evaluation of someone s work or ideas. Someone s work is examined, and its creator is provided with a judgment. This can sometimes be negative, especially when the person giving the critique concentrates on the limititations of the work he is evaluating. In a specific photographic sense, a critique is an evaluation of the stronger and weaker aspects of a photograph. The community on ePhotozine generally prefers an even more positive approach, more like that of constructive criticism. In the Reader Gallery and even in the Critique Gallery, most ePhotozine users prefer a critique to offer well-reasoned opinions about other members photographs, with the intention of helping the photographer, rather than taking an oppositional attitude. And the wording should always be diplomatic. Normally, on ePhotozine, the best critique method is the sandwich approach, whereby any negative criticism is sandwiched between positive remarks. Example: Good composition and exposure. You may want to straighten the horizon. But overall this is a pleasing image.