Creative consultant

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Creative Palette puts creativity at a photographer’s fingertips, by allowing you to modify the look of a photo via the touchscreen LCD or multi-selector before you shoot. This is a new feature in the Nikon 1 V3. The camera will automatically detect one of four scenes: portrait, close-up, landscape or other and will then display a ring showing four effects that can be applied to the scene. Brightness, saturation and white balance will change between the different effects as a finger is rotated around the ring or the multi-selector is rotated, so what you see is what you get.
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Creative consultant

A multi-faceted individual that works primarily for the director of a feature, who helps with the creative process of a film in more than one field (e.g. script, special effects, photography sound design, music, etc.) In many cases, creative consultants go unaccredited, like ghost writers, for various reasons.

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Creative mode

The Creative mode is an effects mode available in select Nikon digital cameras such as the DL series. Effects are chosen while you’re shooting either still images or movies and can be selected from five different groups (Light, which is the default, Depth, Memory, Classic and Noir). You can further adjust the amount, contrast, hue, saturation, filter or peripheral illumination of each of the effects.

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