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The Close-Range Correction (CRC) system is one of Nikon s most important focusing innovations, for it provides superior picture quality at close focusing distances and increases the focusing range. With CRC, the lens elements are configured in a floating element design wherein each lens group moves independently to achieve focusing. This ensures superior lens performance even when shooting at close distances. The CRC system is used in fisheye, wide-angle, micro and selected medium telephoto NIKKOR lenses.ass=product-technology data-id=>
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Short for Cyclic Redundancy Check. Designed to recognize errors in digital data, a calculation is made on each block or string of data, and the resulting calculation (CRC) is attached to the data stream. If data is moved from one place to another, and the CRC and data stream no longer match, the data has been corrupted.

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Crc (close range correction)

Sistem de corectie a aberatiilor cromatice in cazul punerii la punct in apropiere, prin deplasarea unui grup de lentile posterioare la obiectivele Nikkor. .

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