comprehensive dust reduction s

Special care should be taken when changing lenses in order to avoid the possibility of dirt or dust entering the camera. Once inside the camera, foreign matter may adhere to the low-pass filter and show up in photographs. To help prevent the appearance of these artifacts in photographs Nikon has created the Comprehensive Dust Reduction System. This system uses a series of high resonance frequencies to vibrate the optical low-pass filter. This dislodges dust on the front of the sensor and reduces dust spots appearing on images. This system combined with the existing Image Dust Off system in Capture NX 2 provides a full dust prevention system for photographers.Sensor cleaning can be set to be performed manually when required by selecting the Clean now setting, or automatically by selecting the Clean at startup/shutdown setting. The Clean at startup/shutdown setting has options for when the camera automatically performs an automatic sensor clean, either each time the camera is turned on, turned off or both.Sensor cleaning takes approximately three seconds to complete. If the shutter release is depressed during a sensor clean, cleaning will be cancelled. This enables images to be taken even if a sensor clean has started.