Close captioned

EN: Close up or macro mode

Fotografie digitala si IT

On compact cameras, this mode allows the camera to focus closer than normal. On SLR cameras this mode will select a large aperture to blur the background to help isolate your subject.



Close down:

Jargon that refers to making a photograph with less exposure than previously used. With apertures, using a narrower apertures with shutter speed, using a faster shutter speed. For example, going from f/8 to f/11 means closing down the lens by one stop.

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Close captioned

AKA: Close-Captioned, CCA system which displays the current dialog on screen for deaf or hard-of-hearing viewers. Contrast with subtitles, intertitles.On the web: National Captioning Institute.

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Close up scene mode

Close up is a scene mode available on select Nikon digital cameras used to photograph small objects and subjects at close range. .

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Close focusing

The ability of the cameras lens to focus close to the subject. Most designs allow a close focus of around 20cm. Ones that go closer are often described as having a macro mode. .

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