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When a signal is stronger than the circuits can handle, the excess is cut off, creating distorted audio and/or chalky video.
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Occurs where the intensity of light in an area of a digital image falls outside the minimum and maximum intensities that can be captured or displayed. The area may be too bright due to blown-out or flared highlights. The clipped area is usually completely white (overexposed), but when only one color channel has been clipped, the area may appear as having an altered color, such as a sky that appears greener or yellower than it actually is. A small amount of clipping is not at all unusual, especially when it appears apart from the subject, such as a small specular highlight or reflection off a shiny surface. Note that there may be a noticeable border where a clipped area adjoins a non-clipped area.

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Clipping path

A shape created with image-editing software that is used to crop part of an image. Anything inside the shape (the clipping path) is retained; anything outside the path is removed.

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