change-over marks

AKA: Change-Over, Reel Change, Reel Change Marks, Cigarette BurnsMost completed movies consist of more than one reel, and thus for an uninterrupted screening, at least two projectors must be used. Towards the end of a reel, one or more frames may include a small circle in one of the corners. These are signals to the projectionist that the current reel is approaching the end, and he or she should be ready to start the next projector, which should have the next reel prepared for projection. Also, many theaters have switched to a platter systemwhich allows the entire film to be spliced together and put on a large platter.The film is fed through the center of the reel (unwinding from the inside out),then into the projector, and then back onto another platter. This processallows the film to be show back-to-back without having to rewind it.Fictional Movie(s): Fight Club (1999)