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AKA: Certificate, RatingsVarious countries or regions have film classification boards for reviewing movies and rating their content in terms of its suitability for particular audiences. For many countries, movies are required to be advertised as having a particular certificate or rating , forewarning audiences of possible objectionable content . The nature of this objectionable content is determined mainly by contemporary national, social, religious, and political standards. The usual criteria which determine a film s certificate are violence and sexuality, with mature (adult) situations and especially blasphemy and political issues often being considered more important outside the Western world. This is by no means a hard and fast rule; see the Hays Production Code for an example. In some cases, a film classification board exhibits censorship by demanding changes be made to a movie in order to receive a certain rating. As many movies are targetted at a particular age group, studios must balance the content of their films against the demands of the classification board. Negotiations are common; studios agree to make certain changes to films in order to receive the required rating. The IMDb uses the term Certificate as opposed to Rating to avoid confusion with ratings meaning the opinions of critics. See also: Banned, NC-17, PG, G, XXX.On the web: MPAA Ratings Explanation, IMDb Certificate Section
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