EN: Boom or mike shadow


A frequent and unwelcome (especially when it moves) part of early television which is still with us on occasion. Solutions: a large, soft Key or Bounce Light; a high-angle Key that is sharply Cut with a Flag at the top of the subject s head. The sound-man may be able to boom-in from the opposite side or raise the mike slightly without sacrificing sound quality. Other types of microphones can be used which do not create shadow problems - only sound problems. Still photographers, count your technological blessings.
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An adjustable arm, usually positioned on top of a stand, that extends a light or microphone over a subject.

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A long mobile beam or pole used to hold a microphone or camera.

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adjustable metal arm, attached to a firm stand, on which lighting can be mounted. Some booms are also made to support cameras.

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Boom microphone

AKA:Boom Mic, Boom, Fishpole, GiraffeA long pole with a microphone on the end. The boom is extended out near the actors. Ideally, the microphone at the end should be placed in the camera s safe area.

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Boom operator

A member of the sound crew who operates the boom microphone. See also sound recordist.

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Boom arm

A metal pole that attaches to a lighting stand and holds a flash head at the end. A counterbalance weight is also usually used. This is used to get the flash closer to the subject as well as over or under it. .

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