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The specific typeface that is used in the main text
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Originally the physical block on which each metal charactersat, in digital type it is the imaginary area that encompasses each character in a font. The height of the body equals the point size; its width is related to the width of the character.

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Body art

A type of contemporary art in which the artist s body is the canvas .

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Body cap

Covering which attaches to the lens mount of a DSLR to prevent entry of dirt and moisture into the mirror chamber when the lens is removed.

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Body double

AKA: Photo DoubleFor some shots, a director may consider that a particular actor s body may not be suitable for the impression desired. In these situations, the actor is doubled (replaced) by a person whose body is more suitable. Typically, body doubles are used for shots requiring nudity or depictions of physical fitness. Contrast with stunt double and stand-in.

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Body makeup

Makeup applied below the neck or above the wrists.

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Body painting

Ancient art of decorating the body.

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Body colour

Watercolour made opaque by mixing with white. Also: term used in painting to describe solid, definitive areas of colour which are then completed or modified with scumbles and glazes.

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Body language

The gestures, facial expression, and postures that convey a person s physical, mental, or emotional state.

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Body copy

The textual matter set in one face and point size, with a common leading and column width. (see text).

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Body size

The type s point size which is determined by measuring from the highest ascender to the lowest descender (plus any additional white space to the descender line).

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Body text

The paragraphs in a document that make up the bulk of its content. The body text should be set in an appropriate and easy-to-read face, typically at 10- or 12-point size.

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