Blue gun

EN: Blue sensitive


sensitive to blue light only. All silver halides used in traditional black and white emulsions are sensitive to blue light, but early photographic materials had only this sensitivity.
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Blue gun

A calibration switch on a TV monitor activating only the blue phosphors electron guns, for adjusting color hue and saturation with color bar test signals.

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Blue pedestal

For balancing black levels. Color camera control adjusts the blue signal the camera generates when it sees no blue. The camera may have similar controls for red and green.

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Blue process (film), chroma ke

Shooting action in front of a deep blue or other color Cyc becomes a separation matte for a background scene that will be added later. Tips: Try to see the background scene before you light, avoid any blue - or whatever color is used - elsewhere in the scene, light the Cyc evenly, keep shadows off it, and consult an expert.

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Blue print

alternative term for cyanotype.

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