Black and white

EN: Black silver


finely divided metallic silver formed from silver halides by exposure and development.
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Black balance

Similar in concept to white balance, but referenced to black. This function is found on some professional video cameras and is used to eliminate color tints.

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Black comedy

A comedy in which the humour is derived from subjects which are typically considered serious , or for which humour is usually considered as unsuitable. Common examples are death, war, suffering, and murder.On the web: A list of black comedies at the IMDb.

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Black leader or black emulsion

Black leader is black, opaque film, often specifially called black emulsion leader. It is what the negative cutter uses when preparing A&B rolls. It is very important that it be emulsion leader rather than plastic leader when used for A&B rolls, since plastic leader cannot be cement spliced. It also must be very opaque, not any black piece of film will do.

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Black level

Intensity of black. Darkest (blackest) part of picture. No light is emitted. NTSC black is 7.5 IRE.

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Black light

See Ultraviolet.

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Black point

Darkest tone printer distinguishes, darkest area in image against which all others are adjusted.

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Black print speed

Maximum number of pages per minute (ppm) at which printer can output pages of black text.

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Black and white

&W) – A term referring to a number of monochrome forms in photography.

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Black and white

AKA: BW, B/W, B&WIndicates that the images have no color. The first movies were black and white (as color film stock hadn t been invented), but in more recent times many films have been shot in black and white either for artistic reasons or because it is cheaper. Some films are shot using color film stock with the final print in black and white.

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Black and white (b&w)

B&W film offers opportunities and challenges. Foreground and background may merge in the absence of color separation. Tips: use more Back Light or Background Light. View the scene with a B&W viewing glass. Other differences: Color Temperature complications disappear and all those long-abandoned filters that turn blue skies black and trees white can be used again. Last tip: While many of the black and white Masters aren t around, their masterpieces are. Quote: The most difficult task for today s director of photography is to think in black and white again. He must become mentally color-blind, imagining what each scene will look like on the screen when it loses the colors it has in reality. - Nestor Almendros [AMWAC].

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Black letter

Any of various type families based on medieval handwriting. See also gothic.

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