Best boy

EN: Best moment capture mode


This mode, available on select Nikon 1 digital cameras is ideal for fast, hard to capture subjects. By selecting this mode, you can choose to release the shutter as the scene plays back in slow motion (Slow View) or let the camera choose the best shot (Smart Photo Selector).
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Best face

A feature of the Samsung Galaxy Note II smart phone that is similar to the BLACKBERRY 10 smart phone s time shift feature. (See Blackberry below.).

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Best boy

AKA: Assistant Chief Lighting Technician, Best Boy Grip, Best Boy Electric The chief assistant, usually of the gaffer or key grip. In charge of the people and equipment, scheduling the required quantities for each day s work. The term originates from promoting the crew s best boy to supervising, allowing the gaffer and key grip to stay on set and carry out the cameraman s lighting needs. The origin of the term is from pre-union filming days when the line between Grip and Electric departments was less rigid. When the head of either department needed another body temporarily, he d go to the head of the other department and ask him to lend me your BEST boy . By default the 2nd in charge of either department came to be known as best-boy. This term may also have been borrowed from early sailing and whaling crews, as sailors were often employed to set up and work rigging in theatres. There are no best girls per se; female chief assistants are also called Best Boys .

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Best boy

The Gaffer s first assistant on large film crews. Origin: may have come from the Merchant Marine, as did many other film terms.

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Best light

Similar to a One Light, but by implication, the timer has gone through the film more thoroughly in selecting a timing light that will agree with the majority of the footage.

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