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In the continuity editing system, the Axis of Action is an imaginary line that passes through the two main actors of a scene, defining the spatial relations of all the elements of the scene as being to the right or left. The camera is not supposed to cross the axis at a cut and thus reverse those spatial relations. Also called the 180° line.
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(also called angle of stress) The axis is the angle at which contrast occurs, and is usually between vertical and a slightly back-slanted diagonal. It derives originally from the angle at which the stroke was made by pen or tool. To find the axis, extend a line along the thickest part of the stroke (or parallel to the thick stroke, through the thinnest areas); letters with bowls such as o or d are usually good letters to choose for this. If the letter is uniform in thickness, it has no axis (no angle of stress). Not to be confused with slope.

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An imaginary line drawn from top to bottom of a glyphbisecting the upper and lower strokes is the axis. The slant of the axis (or lack thereof) often helps determine the type classification.

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Axis shift function

Re-purposes lens-shift Image Stabilizer system allowing individual selection, maintenance of image center point for each camera. Small changes in convergence achieved without physically moving cameras.

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Axis lighting

light pointed at the subject from a position close to the lens.

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