EN: Auteur (french for author)


literally the director, who is regarded as the author of a film because he/she has primary control and responsibility for the final product. The Auteur theory insists that a film be considered in terms of the entire canon of a director and that each Auteur earns that title by displaying a unique cinematic style.
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A filmmaker, generally a director, who creates a body of work with a unified sensibility that reveals, through the interplay of themes and styles, a personal worldview. The term originated with François Truffaut, whose 1954 essay Une certaine tendence du cinéma français put forth the idea that the most interesting films were those that functioned as a medium of personal expression--and therefore bore the distinctive imprint of their author. American critic Andrew Sarris later translated and expanded this idea into an auteur theory, which proposed an evaluation of films based on their context within the filmmaker s oeuvre, rather than for their technical proficiency or greater historical significance. The term auteur later came to refer to any filmmaker who performed or was intimately involved in all aspects of the moviemaking process (writing, directing, producing, editing, etc.).

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