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A camera with active autofocusing uses an infrared beam to determine how far away the subject is. This is fine providing the subject isn t behind glass, because the beam will think the glass is the subject. The system is also flawed when the subject is beyond the range of the infrared, then the camera usually switches to an infinity mode.




Microsoft software component technology, mainly used by Windows to facilitate sharing of information between differing applications, e.g. digital video recorders use to remotely view security cameras online.

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Active d-lighting

Active D-Lighting optimizes high contrast images to restore the shadow and highlight details that are often lost when strong lighting increases the contrast between bright and dark areas of an image. It can be set to operate automatically or manually, and it s also possible to bracket pictures to get one with Active D-Lighting and one without.Active D-Lighting s image optimization, which takes place in the camera at the moment the photo is taken, applies digital processing only to the necessary portion(s) of the image. Even when shooting a subject with a wide dynamic range, Active D-Lighting is able to reproduce a realistic image that retains natural contrast. .

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Active picture

The TV frame area carrying picture information. Surrounded by line and field blanking.

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Active shutter

Currently most common home 3D viewing technology. Glasses rapidly blink on and off, synchronized with stereo signal, so left eye receives the left-eye signal, right eye receives the right-eye signal. TV alternates different images according to refresh rate -- minimum of 120 Hz per eye recommended.

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