Accessory shoe

EN: Accessory shoe


metal or plastic fitting on the top of the camera which supports accessories such as viewfinder, rangefinder, or flash gun.
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Accessory shoe

A fitting generally located on top of a camera to which accessories (such as a flash unit) are attached.

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Accessory shoes

- also often called Hot Shoe . The early flash types weresimple metal brackets. To install a flash unit, you just slide the mounting footof the flash into the accessory shoe. No electrical connection is made between cameraand flash - it s just a simple and convenient way to attach the flash unit to thecamera. Subsequent accessory shoes have been built as part of the camera and usuallyreat on top of the camera s pentaprism; others are separate items that you mounton the camera body when you need them. Somelike the Nikon early professional camera has special dedicated which was designedaround the rewind knob.

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