EN: Abugida


An abugida is somewhere in between an alphabet and a syllabary. The Indic writing systems are probably the best known abugidas.In most abugidas there are independant glyphs for the consonants, and each consonant is implicitly followed by a default vowel sound. All vowels other than the default will be marked by either diacritics or some other modification to the base consonant. An abugida differs from a syllabary in that there is a common theme to the the images representing a syllable beginning with a given consonant (that is, the glyph for the consonant), while in a syllabary each syllable is distinct even if two start with a common consonant. An abugida differs from an abjad in that vowels (other than the default) must be marked in the abugida. See Also: alphabet, abjad, syllabary and the relevant Wikipedia article.
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