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Short for Encapsulated Post-Script, EPS is useful in transferring PostScript art (e.g. a photograph, page layout or graphics) from one application to another.


Can be characterized in terms of absolute film sensitivity or in terms of reproduced image blacks. Absolute sensitivity is simply a measure of what level of light (exposure) begins to produce the first density signal in the film - this is known as toe speed. The toe speed of a film can also be interpreted by a cinematographer as underexposure latitude or shadow detail. The blackness of a positive image D-max can also be used to define speed. Most cinematographers would describe a film with smokier blacks as slower than a film with blacker blacks given both were exposed similarly. Black level also relates to a cinematographer s perception of shadow detail.

reed switch

Alarm-activating device, works when contact is opened or closed, e.g. door, window. Also can handle switcher activation, activate security camera.

shift camera

Alternative name for perspective control lens.


Software inscris in EEPROM-urile camerelor foto digitale si care controleaza functiile acesteia. Deseori producatorul camerei publica update-uri de firmware care corecteaza unele deficiente de functionare sau care adauga noi functii. Update-urile pot fi instalate simplu chiar de utilizator.


A light sensitive layer on film that contains one or more silver halides and captures an image when exposed to light.