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1 ev

RO: 1 lbs ( pound ) EN: 1 nikkor

The trade name given to the NIKKOR lenses that have been designed for optimal use with the CX-format Nikon 1 digital camera system.

Index TE124401/13/2017

1-inch sensor:

EN: 1-inch sensor:

A relatively large image sensor used in advanced, compact Nikon, Sony and Samsung digital cameras. It s only 13 percent the size of full-frame sensors found in pro cameras but much bigger than you get in a standard point-and-shoot or cellphone camera.

Index TE124401/13/2017


EN: 1.78

Using the 16x9 aspect ratio for HDTV and Widescreen SDTV, the ratio of the horizontal screen size to its vertical screen size is 1.78 units wide to 1.0 units high.

Index TE124401/13/2017


EN: 1.85

The most common screen ratio for motion pictures -- 1.85 units wide to 1.0 units high.

Index TE124401/13/2017


EN: 1000/1001

When NTSC color was being introduced into broadcast television, compromises had to be made for it to be compatible with previous black and white systems. The field rate was changed by 1/1.001 - from 60 to 59.94 frames per second. Older B&W TVs could receive color broadcasts and show them in B&W and the new color information could be encoded into the broadcast signal so that the new color TVs would show the broadcasts in color. Today, digital and HD signals have to fit in; 24, 30, and 60 frames/fields per second become 23.98, 29.97, and 59.94 to be compatible with existing NTSC formats and workflows.

Index TE124401/13/2017


EN: 1080/24p

Internationally standardized High Definition production format ITU BT 709 has a digital sampling structure of 1920 (H) x 1080 (V) and operates at 24 frames per second progressively scanned. This also loosely describe the format operating at 23.976P.

Index TE124401/13/2017